Coffee Menu

a 15 – 20ml restricted shot served in a demitasse

a double shot providing a rich golden crema in a demitasse

a single shot over a cup of hot water emulating the softer flavour of filter coffee

long black
a double shot served ώ hot water on the side

flat white
a single espresso textured ώ velvet milk

a single espresso crowned ώ textured lush foam

caffe latte
a double shot textured ώ lush velvet milk – served in a glass

macchiato – short or long
a long black stained ώ lush velvet milk

a single shot blended ώ rich hot chocolate

a double shot extracted over rich vanilla ice cream

a long black topped ώ whipped cream & cinnamon

hot chocolate
rich chocolate blended ώ lush velvet milk, served ώ marshmallows & a chocolate dusting

chai latte
an aromatic blend of black tea, cinnamon, honey & spices all blended ώ lush textured milk

large cup
extra shot
gluten free soy milk

flavoured shot to go ώ your coffee
vanilla, raspberry, hazelnut,
gingerbread, caramel, irish cream, macadamia, white chocolate