All Day Breakfast Menu

Bacon and Eggs $17.5
Jolt’s free range eggs served ώ smokey bacon, choice of vogel or ciabatta toast and the eggs cooked to your liking Eggs & Toast $13 ώ choice of vogel or ciabatta toast

Brekkie Bagels
toasted bagels served ώ one poached egg, cream cheese, baby spinach and avocado
ώ your choice of bacon or smoked salmon ώ a serving of homemade hollandaise
bacon $17.5 / salmon $18

Smokey Spanish Baked Beans $18.5
spicy spanish baked beans, chorizo, smoked paprika, coriander, sour cream & one poached Jolt egg served on sourdough toast

Eggs Benedict
two soft poached Jolt eggs on either a kaiser bun or ciabatta toast ώ spinach & a homemade hollandaise bacon $20 / salmon $20.5 / avocado & mushrooms $20

Jolts Omelettes $19.5
kick start with an open-style three egg omelette served ώ cheese & either grilled sourdough or ciabatta & your choice of three from; tomato, red onion, mushroom, ham, chorizo, spinach, bacon, salmon

French Toast $19.5
two slices of brioche stacked ώ streaky bacon, banana, maple syrup, berry compote ώ yoghurt and almond

Maunu Monster $24.5
Satisfy that hunger ώ two Jolt eggs, smokey bacon, kransky sausage, grilled tomato, mushroom & hash browns served ώ vogels or ciabatta toast & Jolt tomato sauce

Veg Maunu Monster $22
ώ two jolt eggs, grilled tomato, mushroom, avocado, hash browns and wilted spinach served ώ vogels or ciabatta toast and jolt tomato sauce

Creamy Mushrooms and Bacon $19.5
Jolt’s most popular chunky mushrooms & bacon served ώ a light splash of balsamic dressing served ώ sourdough toast

mushroom / spinach / two hash browns / tomato $5
two Jolt eggs / bacon / chorizo / salmon / kransky sausages / avocado / haloumi / smoked chicken / creamy mushrooms $6

All toast comes with butter

Our kitchen closes at 2:30pm weekdays and 2:00pm weekends

Download our printable breakfast menu here